The Week Ahead 10.07.18

Oct Nutrition Challenge:

Coach Jennifer’s October Nutrition Challenge is gaining fans! Be sure and follow the commentary in Diablo’s Community Group. Are you 16/8 or 14/10 or 24?

Oct Programming Focus: 
  • Primary Strength: Back Squat
  • Secondary Strength: Squat Cleans
  • Gymnastic Skill: Kipping Hand-Stand Push-up Progressions

Be sure and watch this month’s video preview.

FB Live with Triactive Endurance

Check out my cool interview with endurance guru Rob Reinhard of Triactive Endurance (next door to Diablo PH). Rob is an amazing source of nutrition and endurance conditioning knowledge and experience. And, he talks about working through injury and his upcoming Kona Ironnman. Check it out here!

Fall Classic:

Congratulations to our Top 3 Men & Women at the Diablo Fall Classic


  1. Micheal Olivas (Moxie): Snatch 105k, C&J 136k, Total 241k, Robi Pts: 220 (body weight handicap)
  2. Travis Newman: S 108k, C&J 135k, T 243k, R: 197
  3. Jamie Lee: S 112k, C&J 137k, T: 249k, R: 180


  1. Laura Alexander: S 86k, C&J 105k, T 191k, R: 294
  2. Paige Sousa: S 67k, C&J 94k, T 161, R: 198
  3. Gabby Smith: S 67k, C&J  83, T 150, R: 178

Programming This Week

Be sure to check Sugarwod for all the details & Coach Notes. This is a tough week! And, Saturday is Fight Gone Bad.

  • Mon – For time: 40 Pull-ups, 400m Run, 15 Deadlifts #185/275, 800m Run, 15 Deadlift, 400m Run, 40 Pull-ups
  • TueAMRAP 30m, 8 Hang Power Snatch #75/115, 10 Thrusters, 12 Burp Box Overs 20″/24″, 14 Wall Balls, 2-minute rest
  • Wed – HSPU work. Then, “Bring Sally Up” Barbell Strict Press! Then a PP/T2B Metcon
  • Thu – Back Squat, then, 4RFT 12 Front rack DB Lunge, 10 DB Snatch, 200m Run.
  • Fri – Clean complex. Then 3RFT 3 Squat Cleans, 7 Deficit Push-ups, 10k2E
  • Sat – Fight Gone Bad!
  • Sun – Metcon only: 800m Run buy-in, then 3Rnds, 15 Pull ups, 100m Farmer Carry, 100m FC, 100m Bear Hug Carry, then, 800m Run Cash Out.
Upcoming Events

Make it an awesome week!