The Week Ahead 9.23.18: C&J Test! – More Team Series – Oct Events

“Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” Mother Teresa

Good Stuff

PH Members, Nicholas Toy & Hayley Deane are doing their first ever CF competition by participating in the Team Series. Be sure to give them a yell when you see them going! They have 4 workouts to do this weekend and 4 more next weekend. Teams are getting together on Friday nights in PHill to complete some of the workouts. Come join the fun this week! They’re joined by: Jono & Jacqui, Moxie, Sean Bibb and April, Moxie, Payam & Ben, PH , Craig & Yvonne, Travis & Natalie, PH,  Cherryhomes & Zuppan, PH, Stacey & Ninette, PH, Jamie Lee & Christy, PH, Dana & RJ, PH, Sam & Travis, PH, Eddy & Dean, PH.

And, at the Battle on the Sunset, a local comp in Antioch, Diablo owned the podium:

First time CrossFit competitor, Carly Ogata, took First Place (!!) in the novice division at the Battle of the Sunset competition this weekend. No more novice for her!

Moxie member Raquel Davila took 1st in the Open Women division!

And, Diablo Moxie Coach Mike took 2nd in the Open Men’s division!

Finally, our “guest Oly lifter”, Alyssa Ritchie qualified for Team USA for the 2018 World Championships in the 49k category on Nov 24-Dec 3 in Turkmenistan. 

Diablo Media Department

If you’ve ever wanted to run a marathon, or an Ultra, my FB Live Event with the “100 Mile Man”, Jimmy Q is required listening. He’s an animated, entertaining and motivating man. Also, don’t miss Ana Mooney’s nutrition post: “What’s Your Magic Pill?”.

Events Coming Up

A Week of Workouts  

When the going gets tough..scale or modify, and set a goal! You’re going to get a great workout. Your Diablo Coach will make sure of that. And then, set a goal to tackle that workout RX in the future! Workout details are on Sugarwod.

NOTABLE THIS WEEK: All the Clean & Jerk work will culminate in a test on Friday!

  • Mon: A tough gymnasty metcon: strict pull ups, hspus, walking lunges.
  • Tue: Turkish Getup work then, a 10 round metcon of 300m Row, 10 Wall balls & 7Knees to elbows
  • Wed: Snatch EMOM, then a fast Run/DB Snatch couplet.
  • Thu: Long grippy metcon – 4RFT, Bike, Rope Climbs, Pull Ups, Rest 2 min. (You’re gonna need it)
  • Fri: Clean & Jerk strength test – then, 3RFT C&J & 50DUs
  • Sat: Long Metcon: burpees to a target, ring rows, DB Farmer Carry
  • Sun: 5m-8m-5m, 200m Run buy-in then AMRAP DL, Box Jump, Wall Balls. Rest 1 min between intervals.

Craig’s List

Aggh! Our memories are flawed?!  Free Brian Williams – Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History Podcast. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard about 9/11? Chances are very likely (60%) that your memory is flawed. But, does that make you a liar? Malcolm Gladwell offers a very cool perspective, with the Brian Williams story as the centerpiece. I love this podcast for providing a deep-dive analysis of interesting events in history with a fresh perspective. And, I agree, “free Brian Williams.”