November 2019

December 2019 Programming Review

Progressions √ Primary: Deadlift!√ Secondary: Strict Press / Push Press√ Skill: Handstands & Pistols Notable Workouts √ CrossFit Girl: Cindy or Mary√ Metcon: 12 Days of Christmas wod√ Lift: Deadlift Test! Click to Download pdf

2019 Diablo Winter Classic

IN-HOUSE OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING COMPETITION Open to Members & Non-Members Saturday, December 7th, 12:00PM – 3:00PM This is Diablo’s CrossFit’s 4th In-House Oly Lifting Meet. It is NOT an officially sanctioned USAW meet. However, this is a great opportunity to try a weightlifting meet – or practice your lifts under the pressure of a time clock and …

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The Week Ahead 11.24.19

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” J. Krishnamurti MORE CROSSFIT ON SATURDAY MORNINGS! Beginning, Saturday, November 30th, week-end morning classes will move to the half-hour & we will add an additional CrossFit class (limit 14 members) on Saturday at 7:30A. Beginning 11/30, our new weekend class …

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The Week Ahead 11.17.19

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”  Paul Valery CAN’T MAKE IT TO CLASS? Please, check yourself out of class so someone else can get in! And, if you’re on the waitlist – COME IN! Chances are very good that someone will cancel and you’ll be added to class. …

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TIME RESTRICTED EATING CHALLENGE ABOUT TIME RESTRICTED EATING Time-restricted eating, also referred to as “time-restricted feeding” or, sometimes “intermittent fasting” is a proven method for improving health and brain function while contributing to weight-loss. There is numerous research and data, including a popular documentary, supporting the benefits of time-restricted eating. I’ve listed several resources below. …


The Week Ahead 11.04.19

“The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen.”  Rumi  Let me start this week with a big “THANK YOU” from me and Yvonne for your support and help with 20.4 Live at Diablo! It was a distraction from our day-to-day fitness, but turned out to be a fun event and quite …

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